Unique Capabilities

The sophisticated RED ALERT emergency notification system is extremely powerful, while also very easy to use. A few of the many unique RED ALERT features include:

  • Escalation –

    The flexible RED ALERT notification options give you precise control of how each recipient is notified. Using escalation options, if a recipient is contacted first at home, and doesn’t respond after two attempts, for example, RED ALERT can then escalate to calling the recipient’s cell phone.
  • Importing Databases –

    Save time and ensure accuracy with RED ALERT’s importing tools. Easily import in real-time or in batch mode.
  • Convenient Interfaces –

    The RED ALERT emergency notification system features a number of convenient interfaces, including a SOAP interface, which allows you to create your own custom alert triggering through a data interface.
  • SOAP Web Services API –

    Web developers can use the standards-based RED ALERT Web Services API (SOAP) to programmatically access RED ALERT functions. Web developers working in any web development environment capable of consuming a web service can enable the calling of the methods of the service, the setting of specific properties of the service, and the recognition of event notifications generated by the service.


After receiving a call for immediate assistance in the Las Vegas Ricin incident, a RED ALERT was triggered, and within 2 minutes and 43 seconds, every single person on the team was notified, and on their way back to the unit.

Nevada National Guard 92nd Civil Support Team


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