RED ALERT Adds Direct SMS Text Messaging Capabilities

AMTELCO is pleased to announce that the SMS (Short Message Service) text messaging capabilities for the RED ALERT Event and Emergency Notification system have been significantly enhanced. RED ALERT now sends SMS text messages to mobile phones through an SMS aggregator. Using an aggregator, SMS text messages are sent directly to cellular carrier text messaging networks, guaranteeing that recipients receive messages faster.

SMS aggregators have direct interfaces to cellular carrier SMS messaging networks. Selecting an SMS aggregator that has wide cellular carrier coverage is critical to ensure delivery of text messages to all recipients. The SMS aggregator that RED ALERT uses supports over 100 U.S. carriers (including every national, regional, and local carrier), as well as over 400 international carriers. This ensures that RED ALERT can send SMS text messages to mobile phones from just about any carrier in the world.

Using an SMS aggregator provides many benefits for RED ALERT users. This includes having an SLA (Service Level Agreement) which ensures throughput of SMS text messages sent, message delivery assurance, spam bypassing, unlimited text message size, delivery results documentation, and the ability for mobile phone users to reply to text messages for confirmation of receipt through the use of SMS text messaging short codes.

The power of SMS is often experienced during situations that attract nationwide and even worldwide attention. Most recently, this was reinforced during the tragic events at Virginia Tech University. Because of the overwhelming amount of cellular call attempts, the cellular voice networks again became congested and blocked many calls from going through. While the voice calls could not get through, SMS text messages were sent. The reason SMS text messaging is more reliable during disaster situations is that the cellular carriers use a different network for SMS text messaging than they do for voice traffic. If the voice channels become overwhelmed, the text messaging network can still function.

SMS text messages can also be sent using SMTP e-mail gateways, which are used by many other notification systems. However, this type of interface is prone to problems, such as no SLA for delivery of a message within a certain amount of time, message size limit of 140 characters with no ability to exceed the limit, no spam bypassing (so if a company tries to send a large number of messages the carrier may consider them to be spam and block the messages), no delivery notification, no ability to reply to messages, and much more. Also, the setup requires the user to be aware of the cellular carrier associated with each cellular phone number. SMS aggregators eliminate this need.

For more information on the innovative RED ALERT system and the SMS text messaging capabilities, call (800)380-7345, or e-mail


“The operators love RED ALERT! We all love the system, and I was very happy to get it.”

Jeri Cooley
Call Center Manager Methodist Medical Center of Illinois
Peoria, Illinois


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