RED ALERT Adds Mapping Capabilities

The 1Call Division of AMTELCO is pleased to announce that the RED ALERT Event and Emergency Alert system now features mapping capabilities, making it extremely easy to quickly trigger an alert for a specific area.

The new mapping capabilities make RED ALERT the ideal system to use for triggering community disasters, biohazards, threats, evacuations, and even for campus-wide severe weather-related emergencies. Alerts can be issued for a particular campus location, a neighborhood, a city, an entire county, a region, or one or more states or provinces.

To trigger an alert, the person issuing the alert simply draws around the designated area on a map, and RED ALERT begins contacting the people responsible for emergencies in that area. Alert recipients are shown on the map with push pins, so the person triggering the alert instantly knows how many people will be contacted. The map is real-time, so if a new recipient is added before the alert is issued, the new recipient also receives the alert. RED ALERT issues alerts by phone, mobile phone, SMS, e-mail, pager, fax, or a number of other methods.

1Call’s RED ALERT system gives healthcare facilities a fast method for notifying personnel in disaster and emergency situations, and can also be used for event and meeting reminders. RED ALERT saves time for healthcare staff, reduces errors, and speeds the organization’s overall response time.

For more information on 1Call’s RED ALERT system and new mapping capabilities, contact 1Call at
(800)356-9148, (608)838-4194, visit, or send an e-mail to


“We've increased our broadcast capacity 700% in a little under a year by moving to RED ALERT. Our old methods of network outage alerting was corporate voicemail and text paging using separate systems, separate databases, separate everything...”

Merritt L. Mason
Staff Support Specialist - Network Operations


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