RED ALERT Event and Emergency Notification System
Adds Impressive New Features!

AMTELCO is pleased to announce several enhancements for the RED ALERT Event and Emergency Notification system. RED ALERT’s Reporting capabilities have been significantly expanded, with more than double the standard reports. Two new reports are specifically designed to streamline the exporting of RED ALERT data into spreadsheets, statistical analysis, and geographic plotting applications. All of the existing RED ALERT reports have been redesigned and improved.

The new RED ALERT Survey function polls alert recipients for various reasons, including if they can respond to a non-emergency alert, pick the closest location, and more. For each alert, surveys can include up to 10 yes/no questions, or multiple-choice questions with up to four possible responses. Surveys include branching capabilities, automatically taking recipients to the next appropriate question, based on their response.

Other new RED ALERT features include expanding the RED ALERT recipient check-in Web capabilities, making it easier for recipients to manage their own contact information, and adding an opt-in capability. Recipients can now also create their own user identities in the RED ALERT database, and configure the order of their contact methods when alerts are issued.

For more information on RED ALERT, call (800)380-7345.


“The operators love RED ALERT! We all love the system, and I was very happy to get it.”

Jeri Cooley
Call Center Manager Methodist Medical Center of Illinois
Peoria, Illinois


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