Provide Ongoing Communications to Personnel During Emergencies With 1Call's RED ALERT Conferencing

Remaining in contact with personnel during emergency and disaster situations is vital. In addition to emergency notification, 1Call's R.E.D. (Response to Emergency Deployment) Alert system also features conferencing and recording capabilities to keep personnel constantly informed.

As many as 40 people can be included in a single conference call, including people at the emergency site(s), hospital and emergency services personnel, and even people at remote locations who are available to provide necessary information, or to keep other locations updated on the progress. Conferences can be created with or without operator assistance, giving organizations the options they need to react quickly in emergency situations. Conference calls can be easily recorded, and are saved as WAV files for review and archival, as well as storing them for training purposes and historical accuracy.

1Call's RED ALERT Emergency Notification system gives organizations a fast method for notifying personnel in disaster and emergency situations. RED ALERT saves time for staff, reduces errors, and speeds the organization's overall response time. Disaster and emergency plans are entered into the RED ALERT system in advance, and can then be quickly activated for large and small disasters. The designated personnel can automatically be notified by pager, wireless message, fax, or automated callouts with a prerecorded or text-to-speech message.

For more information on 1Call's RED ALERT Emergency Notification and Conferencing system, call 800.380.7345, or send an e-mail to


After receiving a call for immediate assistance in the Las Vegas Ricin incident, a RED ALERT was triggered, and within 2 minutes and 43 seconds, every single person on the team was notified, and on their way back to the unit.

Nevada National Guard 92nd Civil Support Team


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