Significant Enhancements Add Powerful Capabilities to AMTELCO RED ALERT System

AMTELCO is pleased to announce that a number of new enhancements add even more convenience and capabilities to the RED ALERT system. RED ALERT gives organizations and call centers a fast method for automatically notifying personnel in disaster and emergency situations, as well as providing routine notifications for meetings and other events. When every second counts, RED ALERT helps organizations respond in an organized manner.

The new features added to RED ALERT help ensure that recipients receive the most current alert information, and increase the flexibility by including more system customization options. The new RED ALERT features include:

  1. Recorded Alert Messages

    The person triggering the alert can now also record the message that is sent to recipients. This speeds the alert process, and helps ensure that the recipients have updated information. In addition, alert messages can also be prerecorded, or created using a text-to-speech capability.
  2. Concurrent Alert Instances

    Multiple occurrences of the same alert may now be active simultaneously, and each can have different recorded alert messages. This is ideal for situations where different groups of responders need separate messages.
  3. Status Updates for Confirmed Recipients

    Recipients that have already responded saying that they are available to help, can now update their status, showing that they have arrived on-site, for example. This status is shown in the real-time status monitor, which shows successful and unsuccessful contact attempts, responses received, and much more.
  4. Real-Time Updating of Alert Messages

    An alert message can now be changed while the alert is in progress, which is used in an escalation process or retry attempt. This helps ensure recipients always receive the most current information.
  5. Real-Time Updating of Contact Methods

    Contact method details for recipients can now be updated during an alert, allowing the person monitoring the alert progress to update a recipient’s cell phone number, for example, which can then be used in an escalation process or retry attempt.
  6. Auto Check-In URL and Check-In URL

    An encrypted URL may now be included as part of an e-mail alert message. The URL takes the recipient to a check-in page where they can view and confirm the alert. The Auto Check-In URL option automatically logs the user into the site, making it ideal for situations where convenience is needed, without a high level of security. When more security is required, the Check-In URL does not include the PIN, so the recipient must manually log in.
  7. Custom Message Fields

    New custom message fields allow unique text, such as the recipient’s name or alert description, to be added to an alert message.
  8. Recipient Permissions

    In addition to the administrator security levels, recipients can now also log in to RED ALERT to view and update information. Different security levels allow recipients to log in to view and confirm active alerts, edit their personal information and contact methods, and join or leave RED ALERT groups.

RED ALERT is widely used in a number of different industries, including healthcare, finance, education, energy, general business, pharmaceutical companies, and is also being reviewed by several government agencies. RED ALERT is extremely easy to set up and use, and can also provide On-Demand Conference Calls for ongoing communications, as well as recording for historical accuracy and training.

RED ALERT Product Specialist Mel Carter stated, “With the recent series of natural disasters, and the prediction for the same over the next two decades, an instant notification and communication system like RED ALERT is a vital part of any business’s continuity plan.”

For more information on AMTELCO’s RED ALERT system, and to set up a personal demo, call (800)380-7345, (608)838-4194, visit, or e-mail


“Quality and patient safety is paramount at AAMC, and this just seemed like a perfect solution for us. We particularly appreciate the updates that increase the efficiency and capabilities of the system. The updates keep coming along, and we keep doing more, and different, things with it.”

Kevin Burns
Manager of Telecommunications
Anne Arundel Medical Center Annapolis, Maryland


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